Hello, everyone. I’m Mariposa, a 21 year old college student studying abroad in China. This isn’t my first time studying abroad, as I went to Belgium in high school, and one of the things I regret from that experience is that I stopped my vlog updates. This time I’m determined to keep it up, and I decided that I’d share my experiences with the world. I’m already a few journal entries in, so I’ll make a few posts right away, but after that I plan to have a new post up at least once a week, with the occasional extra post if something really big happens! I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts with the internet, and I hope that somebody will enjoy reading them.


5 thoughts on “Blogging time!

      1. Sounds great! I’m hoping to study in Peking Uni next year (found your blog by searching online for info on it!) – how are you finding it? I’m applying for the Yenching Academy program, but if I’m unsuccessful (apparently it’s quite competitive) was planning to instead go for a year more of a Chinese language program. Last year I studied at a uni in Harbin (North Eastern China) and it was pretty good, but too cold! Would you recommend the Chinese program at Peking Uni?


      2. So far I’ve been having a great time! My experience might be different than yours, because my program is through a study abroad program partnered with American University, geared more specifically towards American students hoping to spend a term in China, but everyone here says that PKU is really the best school in China, so I wish you luck!

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